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The Maryland Chapter of the AAML carries out the National AAML’s mission to provide leadership that promotes the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law, locally in Maryland.  The Maryland Chapter focuses on shaping and improving the ever-changing way the Maryland courts and attorneys address family law matters, whether through legislation, litigation, mediation, arbitration or collaborative law. The Maryland AAML is a group dedicated to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the cause of matrimonial law to the end that the welfare of the family and society be preserved.

Why Choose an AAML Maryland Lawyer?

  • To be represented by a Fellow of the Maryland AAML is to be represented by a leading practitioner in the field of family law.  
  • Only 32 family lawyers have met the stringent admission requirements of the national organization to become fellows of the Maryland Chapter. 
  • Maryland Fellows have extensive years of experience and served as counsel in significant legal matters. 
  • Maryland Fellows are recognized by the bench and bar as a leading practitioner in the area of matrimonial law.  
  • Maryland Fellows obtained recommendations from peers, opposing counsel and the judiciary.  
  • Maryland Fellows are interviewed by a state board of examiners and other Maryland fellows, and passed a National Examination on Family Law, taxation, and Federally enacted statutes and international conventions.
  • Maryland Fellows have advanced skills in the practice of Family Law and a significant portion of our practice is devoted to family law. Maryland Fellows are able to handle complex matters.
  • Maryland Fellows are highly skilled negotiators, mediators, collaborative lawyers and litigators who represent individuals in all facets of family law.
  • Maryland Fellows engage in high quality discussions with the most experienced lawyers in the country, teach others, improve one’s expertise and contribute to the betterment of Family Law practice and procedures.